Samuel Perez

I was born in Yecla (Murcia) in 1982. Since I was a child, I have always loved music and anything connected with it. I received violin lessons at the Villena conservatory (Alicante) under the tutelage of the violinist Arpad Babarczy, who aroused my interest in music. Since then, every instrument put into my hands, including the guitar, took on a much deeper appeal. At that time I began to work in a cabinetmaking workshop, where I learned woodworking and the use of tools. Later, driven by my passion for craftsmanship and love of the guitar, I became interested in the art of building handmade guitars. This search led me to move to Madrid in 2003, where I learned the trade from the well-known guitarist Arturo Sanzano. A year later I joined the workshop of José Ramirez, one of the most internationally prestigious firms in the construction of handcrafted guitars, achieving the position of luthier first class in four years. At the end of 2012 I decided to start a new workshop in the city of Murcia, inspired by almost a decade dedicated to the creation of handcrafted guitars.